Invited Reviews

A Report of the First International WT1 Meeting, University of Manchester UK, 2008

Int. J. Mol. Epidemiol. Gen. 1: 76-82 (2010)
Authors: Wilm, B and Ladomery, M


On September 8th-9th 2008, scientists from Europe, North America and Japan met at the University of Manchester (UK) at a meeting about all things WT1 (Wilms tumour suppressor gene). The intent was to bring together recent advances in WT1 research from different subject areas. These ranged from developmental mouse genetics including kidney development, cancer cell biology, structural analysis and molecular processes and targets regulated by WT1. The meeting was jointly organised by Dr Stefan Roberts (University of Manchester, UK); Dr Michael Ladomery (University of the West of England, UK); and Prof. Nick Hastie (MRC Human Genetics Unit, UK). In this article we review the contents of the meeting, subdividing it into three broad and overlapping subject areas: WT1 in development; WT1 in cancer; and the biochemistry of WT1.

Keywords: WT1,Wilms’ tumour,oncogene,tumour suppressor,development