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Southwest UK RNA Club Denys Drash Syndrome podocytes on the cover of the journal Proteomics.

Denys Drash Syndrome podocytes on the cover of the journal Proteomics.

Molecular Biology of RNA

The first comprehensive textbook to cover the entire RNA biology field, from nuclear processing to export, editing, splicing, translation, localisation and stability, RNA interference and non-coding RNAs. Read more and order...

I am interested in RNA biology, a growing area of research that includes RNA processing; alternative splicing; mRNA export, translation and localisation; mRNA stability; RNA interference and microRNAs.

The focus of my research group is on alternative splicing. Alternative splicing is the main process through which genes can express multiple protein isoforms. Over two thirds of human genes are alternatively spliced and it is estimated that 15% of all disease-associated mutations in humans affect alternative splicing.

Current projects

  • Involvement and targeting of the SR protein kinases SRPK1 and CLK1 in cancer
  • Alternative splicing of VEGF, HER2, ERG, and the Insulin Receptor
  • Cellular adaptation to hypoxia through regulated alternative splicing
  • The role of ERG and its splice isoforms in prostate and other types of cancer
  • Function of stress-induced Arabidopsis mRNA-binding proteins atGRP7/8/2
  • Function of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii RNA-binding protein CrGRP1 in stress adaptation
  • Textbook: The Molecular Biology of RNA. Elliott and Ladomery. First edition published in 2011, Oxford University Press. Second edition published in 2016.

Latest five papers

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Interested in a self-funded PhD studentship?

From time to time, depending on grants, PhD studentships are available in my lab. However I am also happy to consider a self-funded (or part self-funded) PhD studentship at any time. Read more about the self-funded PhD studentship.